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Biofuels and Industrial Chemicals

Biofuels and Industrial Chemicals

Biofuel is a fuel that is made from biomass using modern techniques rather than the relatively slow geological processes that lead to the development of fossil fuels like oil. Because biomass (for example, wood logs) can potentially be used as a fuel, some people use the terms biomass and biofuel interchangeably. However, most of the time, the term biomass merely refers to the biological raw material used to make the fuel, or a thermally/chemically altered solid end product, such as torrefied pellets or briquettes. The term "biofuel" is primarily used to refer to liquid or gaseous transportation fuels. Plants (i.e. energy crops) or agricultural, commercial, home, and/or industrial wastes can all be used to make biofuel (if the waste has a biological origin).

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Biodiesel, Bioethanol, Biobuthanol, Biogas,
  • Biofuels Production
  • Modeling And Economics
  • Biomass and Feedstock Utilization
  • Biofuel Production
  • Quality Assurance & Standards
  • Automation

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