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Application of Microbes in Diagnosis and Therapeutics

Application of Microbes in Diagnosis and Therapeutics

Microbes have grown in importance as a platform for the development of diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. While many prior engineering attempts utilised microorganisms that produced important proteins constitutively, biosensors are now being used to build microbes that express them with region-selectivity and disease responsiveness. Bacterial infections, malignancies, inflammatory diseases, and metabolic disorders have all been treated with 'smart' microbes. Through a range of approaches, diagnostic microbiology has evolved to promptly detect and reliably identify involved microorganisms in test materials. In the discipline of diagnostic microbiology, technological advancements have made continual and substantial development in numerous fields such as bacteriology, mycology, mycobacteriology, parasitology, and virology over the last two decades.

The therapeutic use of microorganisms to treat diseases is known as microbial treatment. Microbial therapies are living medications that are injected into patients and can be either wild type bacteria (typically in the form of probiotics) or bacteria that have been genetically altered to have therapeutic qualities.  Cellular treatments (including immunotherapeutics) and phage therapy are other examples of living medications.

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