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Applied Microbiology Conference

Yours Sincerely
Shailesh Dave

2nd Edition of International Conference and Expo on Applied Microbiology

Distinguishing experts of various fields and participants of the conference, it gives me great pleasure to share my thoughts and circulate a few remarks as a part of welcoming remarks. The demand for coloured clothes and other products is constantly increasing with the developments, which resulted in the generation of a large volume of coloured effluents. Such effluents have toxic pollutants and dissolved dyes responsible for harmful effects on living beings and the environment. The available conventional techniques have their limitations. The application of microbial processes has attracted many researchers to dyeing and textile effluents. Microbial technology efficiently degrades such pollutants, and with the application of the bio-sorption process metal containing pollutants and chromogenic waste are removed from the aquatic waste. The application of various bioremediation technology and microorganisms is the prime goal of researchers to provide green technology for sustainable environments. Interactions and exchanges of ideas will play a pivotal role in solving the global problem of coloured and hazardous waste in the dyeing and textile industries.

Welcome Message

Applied Microbiology Conferences

Yours Sincerely
Prof. Satya P. Singh

2nd Edition of International Conference and Expo on Applied Microbiology | Hybrid Event

Dear Congress visitor's, It’s a great pleasure and honor to write a welcome note for the participants of the "2nd Edition of the International Conference and Expo on Applied Microbiology" in June 2023 in Rome, Italy. I am grateful to be included as a member of the Organizing Committee of this congress, like the June 2022 event. Academicians and scientists from various countries participated in the last Congress of 2022. We look forward to a larger number of participants in June 2023. Biological systems are highly dynamic. The developments during the last 60-70 years, majorly include an in-depth understanding of the Central Dogma of Life, manipulation of Genes and Genomes, rapid sequencing of the macromolecules, search and in-vitro evolution of the biological potential and molecular approaches in diagnosis and disease control. We have travelled a long way from investigating the single organism to a single gene to analyzing the entire microbiome to get insight into the cellular function and the ecosystem. This International Scientific Event would provide a platform to present and discuss the scientific discourses spanning nearly all dimensions of the Biological Sciences. I once again take this opportunity to extend my warm wishes to the participants of the "2nd International Conference and Expo on Applied Microbiology" - June 2023.