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Speaker at  and Expo on Applied Microbiology 2023 - Abdulrahim Salih Ibrahim Osman
University of Africa, Sudan
Title : Antimicrobial activity of Cinnamomum zeylanicum and Zingier officinale against Staphylococcus aureus



Back ground:

Plants have been reported to have very great potential for the treatment and management of some noconsomial infection.


 The aim of this study to investigate the antimicrobial activity of various solvent extracts of the bark of cinnamomum zeylanicum and zingiber officinale against S.aureus.


The powdered bark of C. zeylanicum and z. officinale were extracted using methanol and aqueous. The antimicrobial of methanolic aqueous extracts of barks of (C. zeylanicum and Z. officinale) were studied using agar well diffusion method against S. aureus ATCC29737, standardized with the ciprofloxacin (10mg/mL).


Antimicrobial activity showed that C.  zeylanicum methanolic extracts exhibited the highest effects (23.6 mm),aqueous extracts 21mm) while Z.officinale methanolic and aqueous  extract and extracts inhibition zones (19 and 17mm respectively ) S.aureus. Ciproflaxacin inhibited the standard staphylococcus strain ATCC29737 used in this study.


The methanolic and aqueous extracts of bark of c. zeylanicum ana z. officinale exhibited abroad spectrum antimicrobial activity.

Key words: Ginger: Medicinal plant,  Zingiber officinaleCinnamomum zeylanicum ,


Mr.Abdulrahim Salih Ibrahim Osman studied microbiology  at the International university of Africa,Sudan and graduated as MS in 2021 Iam  obtained position of lecturer at the department of microbiology (iua)many researches will be publish beside many conference participation in side the country and out side