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Speaker at Applied Microbiology 2022 - Wesam S. Qayed
Wesam S. Qayed
Assiut University, Egypt


Wesam S. Qayed received her B.Sc (Honors) in 2002 and M.Sc in 2005, both in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Faculty of Pharmacy, Assiut university, Egypt. In 2016, She obtained her PhD in Medicinal Chemistry from Faculty of pharmacy, Assiut university, Egypt. During (2012-2014) she was a visiting researcher at Chemistry Department at University of Louisville, KY, USA. she is ACS member. She has been working since 2017 in research projects related to anticancer, antiviral and antiTB research. Throughout this time, she helped in establishing “computer-aided drug design unit” which aims to train postgraduate students and academic using “Molecular Operating Environment” software and other computational programs. Further, it carries out research related to designing new druggable compounds against variable diseases. She has active interest in several areas of medicinal chemistry. In particular, her research lies at the interface of structure-based, ligand-based drug design and other computer aided design tools for discovery of candidate molecules against infectious diseases and cancer.