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Speaker at Applied Microbiology 2022 - Ireneusz Sobolewski
Ireneusz Sobolewski
University of Gdansk, Poland


Chemist and molecular biologist. Assistant professor at the University of Gdansk, Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Biotechnology. Developing his interests related to the chemistry of nucleic acids, he received his PhD in 2016 in chemical sciences in the field of biochemistry. 20 years of experience in the biotechnology industry (1999 - 2019) as a chemist, head of the isotope and DNA sequencing laboratory, general manager of the production of reagents used in molecular biology. He developed a new product line - over 20 specialized kits designed to isolate RNA, DNA and proteins from various sources. Significant participation in genetic engineering projects involving cloning of bacterial and viral genes. Recently targeted at bacteriophages and their use as nanobiomaterials in a next-generation drug delivery system