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Speaker at Applied Microbiology 2022 - Żebrowska Joanna
Żebrowska Joanna
University of Gdansk, Poland


Joanna Żebrowska Ph.D. from the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Gdansk, graduated LiSMIDoS at the Faculty of Biotechnology University of Gdansk-Medical University of Gdansk. Assistant Professor at the Department of Molecular Biotechnology, Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Gdansk. Manager of the 5 academic grants "Research of Young Scientists" cloning and analysing thermostable restriction endonuclease belonging to Thermus family enzymes. Research area: purification of polyepitopic proteins with therapeutic and regenerative proteins, design and cloning synthetic genes, bacteriophage proteins, chemical synthesis cofactor analogues for Thermus family enzymes, engineering DNA-recognition specificity of enzymes, biochemical and physico-chemical properties of the enzymes. Co-author of 13 publications (IF = 38, H-index = 3) and 32 conference presentations. Experience work: 4 Biotechnology Companies, co-author of 3 patents application. Project task manager NCN: bacteriophage proteins 2019/03/X/NZ1/01903; 557-T040-1225-19-2M  (acronym MINIATURA) (2019-2020). Project contractor NCBiR: new poliepitopic regenerative proteins STRATEGMED1/235077/9/NCBR/2014 (acronym REGENNOVA) (2015-2017), new anti-cancer therapy STRATEGMED3/306853/9/NCBR/2017 (acronym TARGETTELO) (2017-2019). Project task manager NCBiR nanobiomaterials – next-generation delivery system TECHMATSTRATEG2/410747/11/NCBR/2019 (acronym BIONANOVA) (2019-2022).